BYOD 7-12 Campus

In 2019 Eastern Fleurieu School 7-12 Campus is continuing the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) scheme.

We have a strong focus on Information and Communication Technology (ICT) literacies that will enable students to be successful global citizens in the 21st century. Many schools around the country have implemented a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) system to meet the increasing demand of ICT in the classroom. In 2015 the BYOD initiative was introduced to Eastern Fleurieu School’s 7-12 Campus for all students as we believe that it is a sustainable way to allow students to have one-to-one access to technology.

We have a new portal to make purchasing your device hassle free, giving you an option between two machines that will meet the specifications required for students learning. We recommend purchasing your device through the LWT BYOD Purchasing Portal as these devices meet the recommended specifications required to run most of the software that is used at school. The service is provided by LWT, whom also provide onsite service for any warranty repairs, which results in less downtime for students with onsite repairs at school. There are a number of warranty/insurance options available during the purchasing process, along with laptop cases and other peripheral devices.

LWT BYOD Purchasing Portal

LWT can assist you with any queries you may have regarding the devices available on the portal - Phone 1300 550 717

Please email our ICT technicians with any general questions 

Steve Witt

Andrew Batten

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Parents are welcome to purchase a device from other retailers but please be aware of warranty conditions and follow the below minimum recommended device specifications.

BYOD Minimum Requirements Guide for independent purchases