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Our Story


Eastern Fleurieu School is a multi-campus Reception to Year 12 school, located some 50 kms south-east of Adelaide. Our name comes from the Fleurieu Peninsula, named by French explorer Nicholas Baudin in 1802. The school was established in 1996, following a review of educational provision in this area. The new school emerged as a result of an amalgamation of five existing schools in Strathalbyn, Langhorne Creek, Milang and Ashbourne. While the particular history and identity of each campus have been maintained, we moved to adopt a stronger whole school approach and a common uniform in 2012. The school has built a tradition of innovation and excellence in areas such as Middle Years. We have a clear focus on providing a strong foundation for literacy and numeracy for all students across the school. Our school has forged a reputation for new thinking and innovative approaches in areas such as curriculum provision and special programs. Our positive and enabling culture has been built around an authentic focus on doing the best we can for our students, without being constrained by history or common policy or practice.

In 2017 we will have around 1450 students enrolled, which represents a growth of about 60% since 2011. Approximately 720 of these students will be attending the 7-12 campus in Strathalbyn and they will certainly enjoy having the $11 million new facilities which have recently been constructed. The R-6 campus in Strathalbyn also cater for about 650 students. Our smaller R-6 campuses at Langhorne Creek, Milang and Ashbourne will accommodate 80, 45 and 24 students respectively. Staff at all five campuses have a shared, cohesive approach to program planning, assessment and reporting. We also have one very clear School Improvement Plan and a strong emphasis on professional learning. Our Governing Council and Campus Advisory Committees are all active and well represented and we believe in being proactive and sincere in engaging our parents as valued partners in the education of their children.

Strathalbyn is a picturesque and growing town about 50kms from the state capital of Adelaide. Langhorne Creek is 15kms east of Strathalbyn in an area dominated by beautiful vineyards in one of Australia’s oldest wine-making districts. Milang is 20kms south of Strathalbyn on the shores of Lake Alexandrina, which is an important part of the River Murray system. Ashbourne is situated 15kms to the west of Strathalbyn in an area where towering eucalyptus trees and other native vegetation are prominent.

We trust you and your children will enjoy your experiences at Eastern Fleurieu School and we genuinely welcome your feedback.

Updated November 2017

Last modified: 29 January, 2018