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Planning & Reporting

  • Annual Report

    Eastern Fleurieu School Annual Report 2016 

  • School Context Statement

    The Eastern Fleurieu School is an R-12 school consisting of five campuses – Ashbourne (R-6), Langhorne Creek (R-6), Milang (R-6), Strathalbyn (R-6) and Strathalbyn (7-12) on 5 geographically separate sites. The school draws students from an area of over 6000 square kilometres centred on the town of Strathalbyn (population 7000). Demographic changes in both town and rural populations are impacting significantly on the school. There are several arrangements that reflect the multi-campus and R-12 nature of this school, as well as some unique to this school.

    • A modified staffing process has been developed.
    • There is one consolidated budget for the school, with finance officers based at each campus.
    • An R-12 Resource Centre Management Committee oversees the management of resources across all campuses.
    • An ICT Executive Committee has oversight of the maintenance and support of computers/technology across all campuses.
    You will find the School Context Statement in pdf format School Context March 2017
  • Site Review

    Eastern Fleurieu School 2016 Site Review

  • Strategic Plan

    Eastern Fleurieu Strategic Plan 2018

  • Site Improvement Plan

    Eastern Fleurieu School Site Improvement Plan 2018

  • External School Review Report

    External Review Report March 2017

Last modified: 19 September, 2018