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R12 ~ Administration ~ Leadership & Responsibilities

The Eastern Fleurieu School operates as “one school” across its five separate sites. Campus Leaders take on responsibility for projects, priorities and developments across the school as well as administration of their own campus. Our objective is to ensure that there is a high level of cohesion and consistency across our campuses in relation to planning , assessment, reporting and communication. We also have a shared focus on quality teaching, student engagement and working closely with parent and the broader communities we serve. Our students are central to all of our endeavours.

We are committed to a culture of continuous improvement and we aim to have Eastern Fleurieu School seen as a genuine centre of excellence in education. With that in mind, our school will continue its drive towards higher expectations and we will demonstrate our beliefs in innovation and evidence-based decisions making.

As leaders we understand and fully accept that with greater authority comes greater accountability.

Last modified: 25 October, 2014