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R12 ~ Administration ~ Health Safety Welfare

Eastern Fleurieu School is supporting DECS’ commitment to reducing workplace injuries through the implementation of the DECS Safety Plan 2007 – 2010, which is supported by a series of OHSW and Injury Management programs and performance targets.

Eastern Fleurieu School has an Occupational Health Safety and Welfare Workgroup comprised of representatives from each campus, a management representative and 2 additional members. Meetings occur twice per term to discuss the management of OHS&W across Eastern Fleurieu School.

Campus representatives are asked at the beginning of each school year they are happy to continue or wish to stand down.

Staff are asked by a vote to endorse the continuing representative to ensure that they have the full confidence of the staff to carryout their duties.

This includes: the review and implementation of DECS and Eastern Fleurieu School policies; updating and management of registers ( eg maintenance, hazardous substance, asbestos); review accident data; provide training based on the training needs analysis; develop action plans based on hazard inspections; manage Business Manager and dicsuss relating to OHS&W. An important part of the OHS&W Workgroup’s role is to provide information to staff using a range of means ,eg Quidnunc, staff meetings, training sessions.

Our goal is to maintain a safe and secure workplace for staff, students and visitors.

Last modified: 25 October, 2014