R12 ~ Administration ~ Facilities

The Eastern Fleurieu School has extensive facilities (buildings, learning areas, grounds etc) on it’s five campuses catering for the diverse range of teaching and learning opportunities offered in the curriculum. Responsibility for facilities rests with the Principal and campus leaders assisted by Director of Finance and Administration who is located at the Strathalbyn 7-12 site. This includes:

  • Day to day maintenance
  • Development of the Asset Management Plan for each Campus
  • Management and development of minor works repair and maintenance budget
  • Negotiations with the Department for Administrative and Information Services (DAIS) Building Maintenance Contracts Manager
  • Development of long term plans for facilities development
  • Consultation with the Principal and all Campus leaders about facilities needs to support the teaching and learning programs
  • Supervision of contractors working in the school


Asset Management Plans have been developed (annually updated) for each Campus and identify the current and future cyclic building maintenance requirements. Funding is provided by DEC through the Global Budget at a rate the SA Treasury makes available in annual State budget. The leadership team’s challenge is to maximise the benefit of the funding allocated to the school.

The spacious grounds at each Campus are maintained by Grounds staff and supported with volunteer help from the parent communities.