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R12 ~ Administration ~ Committees

The school has a committee structure as part of its decision-making processes. The committees help to ensure that issues are raised and considered in an open and transparent way. Campuses may also have committees for particular purposes related to their needs.The standing R-12 Committees are:

School Improvement Team (Senior leaders across 5 campuses)
Library Management Training and Development
Finance Sport
Staff Social Personal Advisory Committee
Health Safety and Welfare Information Communication Technology
R-12 Curriculum

Each year committees are established to support the implementation of priorities aligned with the School’s Site Learning Plan.

Staff members are actively encouraged to be members of at least one R-12 committee. Nominations are called at the first R-12 Staff Meeting in Term 2 each year. This ensures that staff new to the school at the beginning of a school year are not excluded from committee membership.
Copies of minutes from R-12 committees are available in each campus.

Last modified: 25 October, 2014