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  • General Information

    Payment of School Fees
    School fees and other fees may be paid at any Campus of the school. EFTPOS facilities are available. Fees can also be paid online. See this website for further information.

    Reporting Student Absences 
    Parent/Caregivers must report the reasons for all student absences to class teachers who are required to keep a daily attendance roll.
    Occasionally families take family holidays during Term time. Permission for students under the age of compulsion to be absent from school must be obtained from Heads of Campus/Campus Coordinators. Absences up to one month can be authorised at Campus level. For absences over one month, special permission must be obtained from the Regional Director and an education plan developed to maintain the students’ learning program. Request forms are available at your child’s Campus.

    Accurate Contact Details 
    Parent/caregivers provide emergency contact numbers to the school when enrolling students. We require all changes to be given to the school so that our records can be up to date. This is a child safety issue.

    Visitors to the campuses
    We require all visitors (parents, caregivers, contractors, maintenance staff, etc) to the Campuses to “sign in” and “out” whenever visiting the school. This can be done quickly and efficiently at the Front Office of each Campus. Parents and caregivers are asked not to go directly to classrooms but to “check in” at the Campus Office. There are many times in the school day when students and staff leave their normal classroom location. Generally the Campus Front Office staff can assist locating students.

    No Smoking Zones
    All public schools in South Australia are SMOKE FREE ZONES (total grounds and buildings) for the safety, health and well-being of our students.

    Use of campus facilities
    Generally the Campus grounds are available for safe, sensible and appropriate recreational use by the community. Small-wheeled vehicles (Skates –inline etc, skateboards etc) are not permitted to be used on Campus grounds. In Strathalbyn the Alexandrina Council has established a “skate park” on the Langhorne Creek Road for such activities.

  • Policies and Guidelines

    The Eastern Fleurieu Governing Council has responsibility with the Principal to develop and approve policies relevant to the safety of students, staff and visitors and successful operation of the school within the context of the Department of Education and Child Development.

    Eastern Fleurieu Policies
    Policy Name Policy Link
     EFS Parent and Caregiver Complaint EFS Parent / Caregiver Complaints / Grievance Procedure 
     Anti harrassment  Anti-Harassment Policy
    Feedback and Complaints Raising a complaint with DECD
    Mobile Phone & PDD Mobile Phone and Personal Digital Device Policy
    Bushfire Catastrophic Fire Ban Days Catastrophic Fire Ban Days 
    Bushfire Risk Management Bushfire Risk Management Policy
    Anti-Harassment Policy Anti-Harassment Policy


  • Facitlities


    The Eastern Fleurieu School has extensive facilities (buildings, learning areas, grounds etc) on it’s five campuses catering for the diverse range of teaching and learning opportunities offered in the curriculum. Responsibility for facilities rests with the Principal and campus leaders assisted by Director of Finance and Administration who is located at the Strathalbyn 7-12 site. This includes:

    • Day to day maintenance
    • Development of the Asset Management Plan for each Campus
    • Management and development of minor works repair and maintenance budget
    • Negotiations with the Department for Administrative and Information Services (DAIS) Building Maintenance Contracts Manager
    • Development of long term plans for facilities development
    • Consultation with the Principal and all Campus leaders about facilities needs to support the teaching and learning programs
    • Supervision of contractors working in the school


    Asset Management Plans have been developed (annually updated) for each Campus and identify the current and future cyclic building maintenance requirements. Funding is provided by DEC through the Global Budget at a rate the SA Treasury makes available in annual State budget. The leadership team’s challenge is to maximise the benefit of the funding allocated to the school.

    The spacious grounds at each Campus are maintained by Grounds staff and supported with volunteer help from the parent communities.

  • Work Health and Safety


    Eastern Fleurieu School is committed to providing a safe work environment for staff, students and visitors.  Eastern Fleurieu School has an R-12 Work Health and Safety Workgroup which comprises of representatives from each campus and a management representative.  The workgroup meets once per term to discuss the management of WHS across Eastern Fleurieu School.  This includes the review and implementation of DECD and Eastern Fleurieu School WHS policies, updating and management of registers (eg hazardous substance, maintenance, asbestos, risk registers etc); review of accident data, develop corrective action logs based on hazard inspections, manage the DECD Safety Task & Action Reporting system and discuss any other issues relating to WHS.  The WHS workgroup keep all staff informed of WHS issues via noticeboards, email and campus staff meetings.  Our goal is to manage hazards, control risks, and maintain a safe environment for all staff, students and visitors to Eastern Fleurieu School.


  • Committees

    The school has a committee structure as part of its decision-making processes. The committees help to ensure that issues are raised and considered in an open and transparent way. Campuses may also have committees for particular purposes related to their needs.The standing R-12 Committees are:

    School Improvement Team (Senior leaders across 5 campuses)
    Library Management Training and Development
    Finance Sport
    Staff Social Personal Advisory Committee
    Health Safety and Welfare Information Communication Technology
    R-12 Curriculum

    Each year committees are established to support the implementation of priorities aligned with the School’s Site Learning Plan.

    Staff members are actively encouraged to be members of at least one R-12 committee. Nominations are called at the first R-12 Staff Meeting in Term 2 each year. This ensures that staff new to the school at the beginning of a school year are not excluded from committee membership.
    Copies of minutes from R-12 committees are available in each campus.

  • Leadership and Responsibility


    The Eastern Fleurieu School operates as “one school” across its five separate sites. Campus Leaders take on responsibility for projects, priorities and developments across the school as well as administration of their own campus. Our objective is to ensure that there is a high level of cohesion and consistency across our campuses in relation to planning , assessment, reporting and communication. We also have a shared focus on quality teaching, student engagement and working closely with parent and the broader communities we serve. Our students are central to all of our endeavours.

    We are committed to a culture of continuous improvement and we aim to have Eastern Fleurieu School seen as a genuine centre of excellence in education. With that in mind, our school will continue its drive towards higher expectations and we will demonstrate our beliefs in innovation and evidence-based decisions making.

    As leaders we understand and fully accept that with greater authority comes greater accountability.

Last modified: 21 May, 2018