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Curriculum ~ Mathematics ~ R-6


Children learn mathematics best through activities that encourage them to:

¨ investigate
¨ think about what they are investigating
¨ gather information, organise it, and act on it
¨ use information that they have gathered from a variety of sources to solve problems
¨ explain how they reached their solutions

An important part of learning mathematics is learning how to understand and solve problems. Children are encouraged to use systematic trial and error and a variety of other strategies to develop their reasoning and to learn how to go about problem solving. They learn that there are many ways to solve problems and there is often more than one solution to any given problem. They also learn to communicate clearly as they explain their solutions. It does not matter what language they use when they are talking about mathematics.

At school, children learn the concepts and skills identified for each year level in the Australian Mathematics curriculum. All of our R-6 staff have been trained in Natural Maths, providing consistency of strategies, language and learning in the primary years.

We want every child to develop numeracy skills during their time at school. We recognise that numeracy, like literacy, is a key pillar of learning and an essential component of our school curriculum. Numeracy is about students having the confidence to choose and use mathematics skills they learn at school in everyday life, as well as the classroom.

Numeracy is used in science class when students interpret a graph, in woodwork when they confidently measure a piece of wood, or in cooking when a student halves a recipe without being given specific instructions on what to do.

Every classroom teacher has a role to play in helping students develop mathematics knowledge and skills to contribute to a child’s success – both at school and in everyday life. Understanding mathematics also builds confidence and opens the doors to a wider range of jobs and careers.

Aug 8 2016

Last modified: 29 August, 2016