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Strathalbyn R-6 ~ Student Voice

Student Voice is an integral part of the Strathalbyn R-6 Campus, which is facilitated by the Leadership Team. Through student voice, positive partnerships are developed to create the best conditions for student learning and fosters responsible engagement in the school community.

We believe students should have opportunities to be actively involved in decision-making within their learning, classroom and across the campus community. These opportunities develop competency and skills of individuals as leaders and effective participants.

Classes hold regular class meetings, during which class teachers develop cooperative, leadership and decision-making skills. These meetings enable students to participate in making decisions that benefit and improve classroom programs and resources. Students have the opportunity to represent their class in Year 3-6 Celebration Committee. The Junior Youth Environment Forum also provides opportunity for student voice about sustainability and the environment across the campus and neighbouring schools.

Last modified: 25 October, 2014