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Strathalbyn R-6 ~ Staff

Staff – Teaching and Specialist Teaching
Role  Name  Email
Principal Ian Kent
Director of Primary Education Jo Garwood
Assistant Principal Vikki McInnes
Assistant Principal David Hodges
JP Teacher Cara Eastwood
JP Teacher Melissa Pitt
JP Teacher Eden Tonkin
JP Teacher Hayley Anderson
JP Teacher Ally Mead
JP Teacher Tamara Edwards
JP Teacher Belinda Jones
JP Teacher Jemma Mawby
JP Teacher Penny Falland
JP Teacher Deb Woolford
JP Teacher Stacey Roach
JP Teacher Donna Prusa
JP Teacher Kerrie McDonald
JP Teacher Belinda Rohde
JP Teacher / Health Jane Calvett
JP Teacher / Science Hannah Jenkins
JP Teacher / PE / Art / Science Tis Nichols
JP Intervention Sue Hall
MP Teacher Maria MacDonald
MP Teacher Laura Shields
MP Teacher Ben Simpson
MP Teacher Cathy Knight
MP Teacher / SSO Zara Stavrakis
MP Teacher / SSO Amber Whittaker
MP Teacher Meg Russo
MP Teacher Darcy Springhall
MP Teacher Taran Harradine
Special Class Teacher ‘Millindilla’ Bev Copping
UP Teacher Annabel Gunn
UP Teacher Chris Pelle
UP Teacher Lyndall Codlin
UP Teacher Andrea Thomas
UP Teacher Daniel Foureur
UP Teacher Emma Sheridan
UP Teacher Belinda Parry
UP Teacher Ben Smith
UP Teacher Kym Diepgrond
PE Teacher  Jono Koutsikas
Special Needs / Disabilities Coordinator Rebekah Fahey
Special Education Teacher Vanessa Gale
Senior Leader eLearning and Teacher Kim Craven
Teacher and Resource Centre Jane Jolly
Indonesian Teacher Kaye Grund
Music Teacher Lucy Pfeifer
Music Teacher Ashleigh Tarling
Music Teacher Natalie Baker
Art Teacher Paul Steele
Digital Technology Teacher Tom Bilney
TRT Cameron McNicol
Counsellor Annette Foster
Christian Pastoral SW Kaye Gale
SSO – Finance Officer Helen Wakefield
SSO – Front Office Karyn Randall
SSO – Classroom Support Kaye Boxer
SSO – Special Education Lesley Fergusson
SSO - Classroom Support Elisa Holland
SSO – Special Education Joanne Sim
SSO - Student Support Deb Pike
SSO – Student Support Jodie Jaensch
SSO Paul Thomas
SSO Bryn Lewis
SSO Gail Donaldson
SSO Liz Schofield
SSO Sally Shute
SSO Val Cosgrave
SSO Maddi Garwood
SSO Rebecca Carruth
SSO Tess Grant
SSO Emma Whilsmore
SSO Kristie Murphy
SSO Liz Kropp
SSO Emma Cooney
SSO Kobie Kellar
SSO Mia Woods
SSO – Library Support Judy Hughes
ACEO – Aboriginal Community Education Officer Les Richey
ACEO – Aboriginal Community Education Officer Shaan Broadbent
Canteen Manager Sharon White
Groundsperson Steve Blackeby

Updated February 2017

Last modified: 28 February, 2018