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Strathalbyn R-6 ~ Welcome


  • Strathalbyn R-6

    We warmly welcome you to the Strathalbyn R-6 Campus of the Eastern Fleurieu School.

    We truly believe Eastern Fleurieu is a great school full of wonderful, enthusiastic, caring people. At our school every child is valued as a special person with extraordinary abilities. Students are provided a safe, supportive and nurturing environment enabling them to reach their potential in becoming life-long learners.

    Staff at the R-6 Campus are committed to developing strong relationships with our students and play an active role in assisting them to be responsible and active members of the community. We believe that this is best achieved through strong partnerships between home, school and links with the wider community.

    Through classroom programs children learn about our environment, Australia and its past, inclusive of our indigenous people. Children learn about the importance of behaviours that demonstrate acceptance, respect and understanding of all people who inhabit our land and our planet.
    Our school’s values of: Integrity, Respect, Responsibility, Care and Compassion, Participation and Cooperation underpin the behaviours that are positively promoted and explicitly taught at Eastern Fleurieu School. We hope that these values are shared in the children’s family lives, too.

    We look forward to you taking an active role in the school. You will find that involvement is rewarding to you personally, as well as of great benefit to your child and the whole school. Welcome to our wonderful school!

    Jo Garwood
    Director of Primary Years
  • Junior Primary

    Excellence in Early Year Education is the focus of the R-2 campus.

    The R-2 Campus of the school includes 9 classes at Strathalbyn R-6 and classes at each of the small campuses. Staff work collaboratively with kindergarten and primary teachers and are involved in training and development programs to improve teaching and learning programs for students in the early years.

    Programs which have been developed with a specific focus on the needs of early learners include:

    • Curriculum based on the South Australian Curriculum Standards and Framework
    • Guided reading and levelled reading materials
    • Early intervention programs designed to meet the needs of students requiring extra support in literacy learning.
    • School Entry Assessment of all Receptions in their first term at school
    • A play program, which offers children challenging play based activities appropriate to early learners.
    • A coordination program “Fingergym” for all Reception children
    • Social skills programs including based on Tribes Training are a commitment of classroom teachers.
    • A swimming program organised using the expertise of instructors at the beginning or end of each year
    • A specialist Art and P.E. program accessed each week by all R-6 students.
    • Access to computers in every classroom and regular use of the Resource Centre and resource based learning.
    • Programs for students with disabilities and students with high intellectual potential are negotiated on an individual basis.


    Transition to and from the campus is a high priority and relationships with kindergarten and primary staff are actively facilitated and fostered. The R-2 campus is co located with the 3-6 campus at East Terrace.

  • Middle Primary

    Year 3-6 classes are a combination of straigh and composite (two year levels in the one class) classes. These classes enable staff to group students according to where their learning needs will be best met.

    Our school has developed a “Thinking Skills Continuum” from Reception to Year 12 based on the latest research on how students learn. All Year 3-6 classes focus on developing thinking skills and explore approaches to learning so that students experience different learning styles.

    The theme of “Sustainability” flows through much of the curriculum. It is developed through:

    • Environmental learning projects, many featuring practical learning and experiences, EG recycling, gardening, landcare, catchment care, electrical energy management etc
    • Social learning and the development of associated skills are a priority. Our students need to clearly understand the importance of positive relationships with peers, teachers and carers in the context of a community.
    • Building positive attitudes to learning and thinking. Learning is a “life long” experience and can be life changing.


    Students are supported in their learning in a variety of ways at Strathalbyn 3-6:

    • Early identification of learning needs and strategies to address these needs
    • Availability of consultants in student behaviour support, guidance officers and speech pathologists
    • Specialist teachers in Visual Arts, LOTE Indonesian, Instrumental Music Teacher and Technologies Teacher.
    • Gifts and talents are identified and programs developed within classrooms. 
    • Extra curricula activities such as senior students choir, private and DETE music teachers andsporting activities at an advanced level


    For more information about our R-6 learning program please contact the Director of Primary Education, Ms Vikki McInnes on (08) 8536 2344 or Senior Leader Strathalbyn R-6 Campus Jo Garwood 

Last modified: 14 March, 2018