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Milang R-6 ~ Student Voice

Student Voice / Student Representative Council

School captains are elected by the student body early in the year. These captains are supported by one representative from each year level, forming the S.R.C. This group meets regularly to discuss school issues and plan fundraising activities to raise school funds and money for selected charities.

All S.R.C. representatives abide by this role statement:-

SRC – Role Statement / Responsibilities – 2015

Be a role model – students are watching you

  • Help others – students and staff
  • Represent the school – off and on site
  • Host visitors to the campus
  • Assist in managing the school
  • Have pride / care for the site, its equipment and people
  • Raise funds – organising fundraising activities for charities, for the campus, for students
  • Attend meetings – participate, share ideas, vote, discuss, decide
  • Have fun
Last modified: 29 March, 2015