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PLEASE NOTE: There is now NO EXTRA COST for delivering this service payable to the School

In 2015, Eastern Fleurieu School introduced a laptop scheme for students in year 9 (and year 7 & 8 students if the wish to participate). The Bring Your Own Device scheme (or BYOD) is one that is now used throughout many high schools in Australia. The Governing Council and the school are committed to keeping parents informed as this scheme is developed and we are writing to you now to give you some general information about how this will work. Click here to see specifications

From the start of 2018 this scheme has been modified to include all students in Year 7 and 8 along with Years 9 – 12.

The school and Governing Council wants to make this BYOD scheme as flexible and accessible as possible. Parents will be able to choose from a range of reasonably priced devices, there will be various payment options, and options for extended and onsite warranties. This scheme is available to all students across the 7-12 campus.

How it works!

Purchase or source a laptop or tablet computer compatible with the EFS network. The below sites are recommended and have purchasing portals set up to suit the school needs – you can purchase from these suppliers at any time

Murray Office Computers – Acer, Lenovo, HP Laptops and other devices: Go to and click on BYOD top left hand corner – enter the Password EFS5255


Harvey Norman/Mac1 – Apple and Windows devices:

Eastern Fleurieu School Mac 1 info flyer


Minimum specifications here:
Complete and ensure both parent and student have signed the “BYOD Agreement” form.

The student delivers the laptop and BYOD agreement for to the Tech Support Office in the 7-12 Resource Centre. Once the paperwork has been confirmed the device will be configured.
The configuration period should be done the same day and may only take half an hour

Anti Virus Software will be checked
The computer will be added to the wireless network
HorizonView client will be installed and configured to allow access to our virtual desktop environment, printers, mapped drives and software
On occasions the computer may need to be reset to factory default due to malware or software conflict issues
Once the client software has been added and configured it will be tested

The student will be notified when the device is ready for use and will be shown how to use the client software.

BYOD EFS Student handbook 2017



Last modified: 1 February, 2018