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Curriculum ~ The Arts ~ R-6

The Arts includes five Arts subjects. These are Dance, Drama, Media Arts, Music and Visual Arts. All students have the opportunity to engage with these five Arts subjects throughout primary school with opportunities for students to specialise in one or more Arts subjects from the beginning of secondary school.

In the Eastern Fleurieu School, R-6 students have access to all art forms as appropriate to their level of development. The Arts are accessed through classroom programs and across the curriculum R-6. It is often integrated but at times is taught explicitly in order to further develop explicit skills..

Visual Arts as a Specialist Subject is offered to students at R-6 campuses in Ashbourne, Langhorne Creek, Milang and Years 3-6 students at Strathalbyn campus. Through this program, the students experience visual arts through art, craft and design, by learning to be makers and creators, critics and theorists, and exhibit to a wide range of audiences. Students achieve this through participating in activities, which include drawing, sculpture, textiles, painting, collage, assemblage, design/graphics and printmaking. More information about the program can be obtained by contacting Paul Steele at the Strathalbyn R-6 Campus.

Music as a Specialist Subject is offered to junior and primary students at the Strathalbyn R-6 Campus. Music education involves students in melody, rhythm, speech and movement, by using their voice, tuned and non-tuned percussion instruments and dance. Music can help students to discover and improve their capacity for creativity, build and strengthen their identity, self-esteem, and uniquely contribute to cognitive growth, as music making involves and integrates an enormous range of abilities. More information about the music program can be obtained by contacting at the Strathalbyn R-6 Campus.

June 2016

Last modified: 26 June, 2016