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Curriculum ~ Languages ~ R-6

At Ashbourne, Langhorne Creek and Milang Campuses, Indonesian is taught from Reception to Year 6. Students receive approximately 50 minutes of class time per week. Lessons are taken in each classroom.

At the Strathalbyn R-6 site, students in classes from Year 1 to Year 6 receive 50 minutes of Indonesian instruction per week. Lessons are taken in the “Indonesian Room” in which teaching resources are used to establish a stimulating language learning environment.

Bahasa Indonesian in the R-6 years follows a bi-annual program cycle to accommodate the vertically grouped primary classes in the school. Students are able to extend their knowledge of a topic when they re-visit a topic at a higher level. Themes and topics serve as mediums for learning different aspects of the language structure.

Methodologies such as TPR and Blooms Taxonomy allow students to experience a wide variety of learning styles. Video, stories, games, songs, music, chants and creative activities are used in Bahasa Indonesian lessons.

Whenever possible visits by Indonesians are arranged so that students can have face to face experience with their second language.

Updated November 2015

Last modified: 15 November, 2015