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Curriculum ~ Health & PE ~ R-6

Health and Physical Education is concerned with human development and emphasises the contribution of physical activity to growth and functioning, the development of a positive self-concept and relationships as well as the achievement of optimal health in individuals and communities.

This Australian Curriculum learning area is organised around two main strands that each have 3 sub strands.

Personal Social and Community Health Movement and Physical Activity
  1. Being Healthy Safe and Active
  2. Communicating and Interacting for Health and Wellbeing
  3. Contributing to Healthy and Active Communities
  1.  Moving our Body
  2. Understanding Movement
  3. Learning through Movement



Health in the R-6 Campuses is an essential part of primary education with a focus on social development, personal development and interpersonal relationships. Health is an aspect of the classroom program across all classrooms and is taught both explicitly in health lessons and integrated across the curriculum and reinforced by classroom teachers in their day to day organization. The Health teacher or Class teacher will report on the Personal Social and Community Health strand.

Physical Education
At Strathalbyn R-6 site all students access physical education as a specialist subject. Our P.E teacher works with each class for 50 minutes each week and develops a wide range of physical skills with the students. The development of coordination across all year levels facilitates the development of academic skills and compliments the classroom programs. The Physical Education teacher will report on the strand of Movement and Physical Activity. Information about our physical education program can be obtained by contacting our physical education teacher or classroom teachers at the campus.


Last updated 5th December 2016

Last modified: 4 December, 2016