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Langhorne Creek R-6 ~ Parents

Langhorne Creek Campus promotes a sense of community and highly values the involvement of parents in all facets of school life. The Campus Advisory Committee (C.A.C.) is a parent body that is actively involved in planning and developing campus priorities, resources and organisation. The C.A.C. do an outstanding job in organising a variety of events that raise invaluable funds for the campus.

Parents are welcome and encouraged to work with students in class and supporting in small group tasks. The campus recognises the diversity of skills that its parent body brings allowing our students access to a broad range of experiences and valuable learning opportunities.

The opportunity exists for parents to invest a lot or a little bit of time into campus activities. Each contribution is appreciated by students and staff and adds to the total picture which is the Langhorne Creek Campus Community.

Last modified: 25 October, 2014