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Curriculum ~ English ~ R-6

English is the cornerstone of learning and through the development of knowledge, skills and understandings allow the student to effectively participate in their learning and to function in the community (local and global). English at the Eastern Fleurieu R-6 Campuses is based on the premise that all children will succeed.

To facilitate this we:

  • provide a range of resources (human and material)
  • support teachers in their endeavours through training and development opportunities
  • involve parents in the learning programme

Strategies that we use to achieve our goals include:

  • First Steps English Resource – two school-based tutors have used this important resource as a basis for an extensive training and development programme for all staff
  • Implementation of a 2 hour literacy block across the school from the beginning of the school day until recess time daily
  • Guided Reading – explicit teaching of skills
  • Reading Recovery – a trained teacher and an experienced SSO works in the school
  • SSO support in the classroom and in small groups for students at risk (Marie Clay Observation Survey used to identify students)
  • Literacy Folders contain samples of work and test results to help track students’ progress from Reception to Year 9
  • Running Records and Lexile Levelling to ensure that students are matched to appropriate text. The Lexile Framework is a computer-based program designed to match, motivate and monitor students’ progress in reading
  • Explicit teaching of a variety of writing forms EG narrative, reports, recounts, expositions, procedures, explanations
  • Students are encouraged to participate in Writing and English Competitions as well as the NAPLAN Tests.


    June 21  2016

Last modified: 29 January, 2017