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Strathalbyn R-6 ~ Canteen

Latest Menu: Canteen Menu Winter 2017

Strathalbyn R-6 site operates a canteen each day of the week at recess and lunchtime. Lunches can be ordered in the morning from the canteen counter and are collected by class monitors at the beginning of lunch eating time. Students can also purchase snacks during the breaks.

All students from Reception to Year 6 can use the canteen and canteen helpers are always willing to assist the younger students with their purchasing.

A wide range of foods is offered at very reasonable prices and specials are advertised on the board outside of the canteen each day. The Canteen’s menu is compliant with the Right Bite policy and guidelines.

Litter Free Lunches – On selected Wednesdays the canteen supports our school sustainability focus providing Litter Free recess and lunch options only. Some of the menu choices include Tacos, Sushi, Spaghetti Bolognaise and are either delivered to classrooms or collected from the canteen.

The canteen regularly supports school events such as Sports Day by running special lunch menus on the day.

A Canteen Management Committee comprised of the manager, finance officer, teacher and Head of Campus meet regularly once a term to discuss issues and provide support and feedback to the canteen.

The canteen relies on the volunteers with parents rostered on each day of the week. If parents are available to support the school canteen they should contact the manager on 8536 2344. New volunteers are always welcome and the canteen cannot operate without them.


Last modified: 7 May, 2017