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BYOD (Bring Your Own Device)


In 2015, Eastern Fleurieu School will be introducing a new laptop scheme for students in year 9. It’s called a Bring Your Own Device scheme (or BYOD), and it’s one that is now used throughout many high schools in Australia. The Governing Council and the school are committed to keeping parents informed as this scheme is developed and we are writing to you now to give you some general information about how this will work.

At Eastern Fleurieu School, it has always been very important to ensure that students in years 9 to 12 have one-to-one access to computers and devices. In recent years, the school has supplied students in these years with school owned laptops. This scheme was paid for through a combination of the Federal Government’s Digital Education Revolution funding, a yearly co-payment from families, and ongoing investment from the school. Since the Digital Education Revolution funds were discontinued in 2013, this scheme is no longer sustainable.

The basic principle of the BYOD scheme is that students provide their own computers (laptops, tablets, etc) for use in school and at home. These are purchased and owned by the parents or the students. The school will fund the infrastructure that will provide secure access to the internet and networked devices such as printers, along with access to the full range of software required by each student.

The school and Governing Council wants to make this BYOD scheme as flexible and accessible as possible. While the exact details of the scheme are still being finalised, we know that parents will be able to choose from a range of reasonably priced devices, there will be various payment options, and options for extended and onsite warranties. Once the scheme is in place, it will be available to all students across the 7-12 campus.

Over the coming months we will be providing more detailed information about how the BYOD scheme will work, both by letter and also at an information evening for parents and students. In the meantime, if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with the school or the Governing Council.

Andrew Joyner – Chair Person, Governing Council

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Last modified: 24 November, 2014